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nasko velikov
Are Americans ET’s?

Are Americans ET’s? In a provincial town, behind the Iron Curtain sunk down into the lethargy of communism, life is going on slowly and peacefully. A young man feels himself bored with the endless monotony of each new day, and there, something extraordinary happens one day. An American delegation comes to visit the plant where he works. He has not seen a real American man till this moment and his notion of the USA and the American people has been built only by occasional rumours, favourite films and exaggerated mass media information, which has been fully controlled by the communist censorship. He then remembers what he has been taught at school to believe in only what his teachers directed him about the USA and the American people during the period of Cold War. He remembers the everyday mass media suggestions for an “American Nuclear Menace”, how scared he has been, waiting for the American nuclear bombs to start falling onto his native town. After seeing the genuine American man, however, he changes his view about the USA and the Americans and realizes that they are not at all what they have been suggested as, and that mass media impressions on the “American Nuclear Menace” are pretty lies, created by the communists. The young man goes into disputes with one of his communist colleagues and he succeeds in defending his newly formed attitude about the USA, being a marvellous country and the American people, being a wonderful nation, while his opponent stands on an opposite belief. The American man‘s presence takes him out of the lethargy and apathy. He comes to the decision to start fighting against the communist regime and to emigrate in the USA. He is planning fantastic ideas in order to realize his American Dream.