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Brian Oldham
Arena of God
Synopsis of the Arena of God Gideon Jones is a 50’s Vietnam Vet. After going through a horrible divorce in the San Jose area, he moves to a coastal town to start yet one more time. He uses his divorce settlement to buy a cottage and a warehouse through an auction. He finds an Iranian civil engineer as a partner and goes to work supporting the construction industry in Santuario County. Gideon and his partner Mo are introduced to a man who pulls them into a heartbreaking event. After that happens Gideon and Mo find out that the man who sent them had an interaction with an Angel of God and has been working with that angel for 4+ years. The man’s name is Aaron Burke. He tells them that the angel said, “We don’t call the planet Earth, we call it the Arena of God.” Thus the title. The arena is a place where the battle for the souls of each person goes on everyday. Gideon and Mo are pulled onto a team to directly fight evil. Then Aaron disappears. Gideon and Mo start to work as hard as they can to find Aaron and bring him home. We meet a group of good and bad characters in the book that lead us through an investigation into a kidnapping of Aaron and a woman named Mimi Rendell. The book is fast and written in clear strong prose. I had a well-established author who has forty books out and has worked on films, tell me that this book is a movie quality story. He said that my writing is “shiveringly good” and that it is “Like shrapnel.” The book is written on my life experiences but the reaction I am getting from early readers is that it evokes their deep personal experiences that involve interaction with the spirit world. They have never shared these stories most of the time but want to tell me to verify if they are real. It’s the reaction I want. I hope this book is a good conversation starter and is controversial. The series goes on for seven books and has the same characters and locations throughout. The battle is the through line. Call me with questions or a copy. Brian Oldham