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Noel Hynd
Author, Translator, Editor (anthology)
Ashes From a Burning Corpse
Noel Hynd, author
On a hot rainy summer night in Nassau, the Bahamas, in 1943, someone murdered Sir Harry Oakes, one of the richest men in the world, as he slept. When police found him the next morning, there were four wounds to his skull. His corpse had been abused, covered ritualistically with feathers and set on fire. The murder was perverse, horrific and jaded by anyone’s standards. \t A few evenings later in New York City, the phone rang in the home of Alan Hynd, America’s highest paid true crime reporter. The Oakes case would send the writer, with a quarter of a century of experience covering murders, to the Bahamas in wartime. He would try to bring truth to a case that was littered with a colorful cast of international characters and which, in its resolution, became unique in the annals of true crime. \tAshes From A Burning Corpse is the fictionized story of that writer’s coverage of the case – and how it changed his life forever. It is part of a trilogy titled An American True Crime Reporter in the 20th Century, three cases which were the centerpieces of a veteran crime reporter’s legacy. The trilogy will also include first person novels on the original Charles Ponzi swindling case, The Pied Piper of Boston and the Charles Lindbergh kidnapping case, The Crimes of The Century. The latter two titles will appear in 2018 and feature the same writer/reporter at earlier stages of his long career.