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Asking the Moon to Leave
Johnny Hunt, author
Imagine if you could understand the voice of the wind; talk to the moon; or taste the iron blood of a mountain lion’s fresh kill. Would the world as you know it no longer seem relevant? Do you really know that what you see is real—and how do you know? Is there a world built around us that is different than what we ‘see’ that comes in the crackling glimpses of dreams? ‘Asking the Moon to Leave’ explores such questions. The novel, which is both lyrical and filled with symbolism, begins with two points of light that become the protagonists. It accelerates into a complicated mystery of coincidences and people who initially seem unconnected. As ‘RC’ and ‘Anna’ unravel the mystery and pursue an ancient romance, what becomes apparent is how easy the human miracle can get blood on its hands—while gazing at a sparkling canopy of stars.