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In the spirit of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure meets The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ... Astropalooza, the greatest celebration in the Universe, is just days away. And it'll be a party like no other -- namely, the last one ever! Backpacking pals Jason Medley and Theo Barnes have already saved the Earth -- twice! -- nearly obliterating themselves in the process, thanks to a missing jar of the Universe's DNA. But things are about to get a whole lot ... worse. Because thanks to our bumbling heroes, the next Big Bang is imminent, with two massive energy waves barreling through space towards one another. When they collide, it'll be the end of Existence as we know it. Can Jason and Theo finally return their radioactive jar before those waves crash, wiping away the Cosmos? Can they save the Universe ... again? With Astropalooza, author Russ Colchamiro brings you the epic conclusion of his hilarious Finders Keepers trilogy. So join the party. You'll never have so much fun going out with a Bang! Also look for the other two books in the series, Finders Keepers and Genius de Milo. For fans of Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Christopher Moore, Tom Robins, Third Rock from the Sun, Groundhog Day, Hot Tub Time Machine, and Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

There are Colchamiro trademark off-the-astronomical-wall phrasing we all wished we could write. Eg ‘ a tadpole circling a marble, Theo coiled himself around planet after planet...’

If you, like me, have often pondered on what came before the Big Bang, other Big Bangs, and what will happen after the current Big Bang finally fizzles out at the end of the universe (perhaps on a stool in Douglas Adam’s Restaurant) then here is your answer.

We have conflict on a universal scale complete with resolutions, adventures and more conflict knitted in with such dry humour I had to hold my head under a tap.

Once again, Russ Colchamiro delights us with a narrative more bizzaro than crazy, more literary than any of the dead sea scrolls and infinitely more interesting.


Off the bat, I have to say that sci-fi isn't my genre. My last read was War and Peace. (I'm not kidding.)

So I came to Astropalooza without a big expectation of liking it. But I was surprised. The story and characters pulled me along and I found myself reading for hours just to see what happened next, which I normally don't do. Russ's sense of humor and imagination are way out there at times. I mean that in the best way possible. I feel like I know the characters like I'd recognize them on the street. There are a couple characters — Emma and Lex in particular — that I'm going to miss.

The other two books in the trilogy are excellent (especially the first, Finders Keepers). But Russ does a great job of filling in the background on Astropalooza for those that didn't read the other books.

Two thumbs up. :)


What a f*#king finale to this mind-bending, galaxy-hopping trilogy! In classic Colchamiro form, this story not only captures the essence of the previous books you fell in love with, but augments them and builds upon them to a crescendo that leaves you both sad that it's over and also grateful for having been a part of such a wonderful journey! This book is packed with a little crazy, alot of funny and just the right dose of psychedelic cosmic lunacy! But at the end of the day, at its heart, it's all about friendship and family. It takes a rare author to meld all these ingredients into a story that is equally preposterous and personal, ridiculous but relatable...and Russ Colchamiro is that author! So buy this book, buckle up and enjoy the ride!!!