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Atlantis, Found? An investigation into ancient accounts, bathymetry and climatology
What if Plato's Atlantis was a real, identifiable place? How would this affect accepted history (where does history start and pre-history end) and, even, accepted geology? This is NOT about any Atlantean civilisation. It is about comparing Plato's description of the physical environment of Atlantis with a sunken area in the Atlantic ocean and showing (by reference to many peer-reviewed scientific works) that most of Plato's descriptions are found in this sunken area.
Reviews (Eric Armstrong)

A brilliant, scholarly, and yet readable analysis that assesses the evidence and reaches a plausible conclusion. I had been focused on Doggerland, until this work came to my attention. But his proposal is even more likely, and better supported by the evidence. (June 23, 2020)

Ancient Architects on YouTube

I would urge anybody interested in this theory of Rockall-Atlantis, to check out the book by Jonathan Northcote, which was a source for this video, called: "Atlantis, Found? An investigation into ancient accounts, bathymetry and climatology." (Aug 3, 2019)


There is no doubting the quality of Northcote’s research, particularly relating to the geology and underwater topography of the Rockall region, which is fully referenced.

Patrick Nunn (author of 'The Edge of Memory')

I found [the] book well written and researched.  It puts out an idea that currently we cannot adequately test.  In that sense, it is in the best traditions of science.