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David McArthur

Children/Young Adult; Science, Nature, Technology; (Market)

The world around us is full of millions and millions of unappreciated, but amazingly fantastic bugs. From the smallest ant to the largest snail, each has it's own characteristic which makes it uniquely suited to thrive in its own environment. ‘What Does a Caterpillar Do?’ allows children to, through the eyes of the cheeky caterpillar, meet some of these bugs and to learn a little bit about what makes them so different. Featuring beautiful and humorous illustrations by the fantastic Lucy Rogers, What Does A Caterpillar Do? captures a child’s imagination before the book is even open. Inside, the child is taken on a wonderful journey through nature where they meet Bees, Snails, Ladybugs and Spiders. Each insect radiates personality as they watch, with amusement, our caterpillar’s attempt to mirror their unique characteristic. The simple narrative uses trusted teaching techniques, such as repetition and humor, to guide younger children through the story with and without their parent’s guidance. The narrative concludes by providing the child with the answer to the book’s core question (she turns into a butterfly of course!). What Does A Caterpillar Do? Presents a truly interactive learning experience for all pre-k to grade 2 children and will be a firm favorite on the bookshelf of any child! A message from the author: What Does A Caterpillar Do? was written in memory of Chloe and Aubrey Berry and all profits are being donated to the Victoria Child Abuse Prevention and Counselling Centre. Please check out my website to find out more

Love this book. This book and the rest of McArthur's "What does a ..." series are great to read to young children and for them to learn to read themselves. Children love the repetition and the anticipation that comes on every page. My grandson can't wait to say No! after each "Does a caterpillar ... ?" He bristles with excitement. The fact that he is learning about nature along the way is a huge bonus. He likes catching small lizards in his dad's garden so is already predisposed to investigating the natural world. A shout out to the illustrator as well; Lucy Rogers has done an amazing job. My favorite illustration is the spider - oh my, he's scary but in a humorous way. All in all, one of the best children's books I've come across in years. Well done!

As a teacher, I adore the beautiful illustrations and wonderful text in this book. It allows kids to engage, participate and learn along the way. Lots of room of inquiry and chat along the way.

As a mother, I love the dedication and purpose behind this book. The cause is a worthy one and each time I read it I will think of two butterflies that have left the world too soon.

Thank you for this book! Look forward to new titles in the future!