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Have you ever learned that a colleague with a similar role to yours is receiving better compensation? Perhaps you were annoyed, wondering if he had a special insider connection to gain preferential treatment, if you’d been discriminated against, or if you’d made a mistake somehow. We rarely find out the real reasons behind differences in specific compensation packages, and some factors are beyond the control of the jobseeker. Fortunately, the advantage of skillful salary negotiation is available to everyone and can ensure that you never undersell yourself. Using the information provided in this concise guide, you will know going forward that you have leveraged your position as much as possible. More likely than not, you will become the person who scores a top-notch compensation package and makes co-workers wonder, what is her secret? Winning the Salary Negotiation: Learn the skills to earn the highest job offer will teach you how to: Earn several thousand more a year by learning the key concepts to effective salary negotiation. Understand the most important salary negotiation principles and how to apply them for maximum effect. Determine why certain interview questions about your salary expectations and earning history are being asked and how to answer them effectively. Gain clarity on your value in the job market. Learn how to avoid getting pinned down for a salary figure early in the interviewing process. Understand what is negotiable in addition to the salary. Remove the discomfort of the negotiation process and gain the ability to play and win the game for maximum career success. Gain confidence in your negotiation abilities. Negotiate professionally while avoiding a greedy appearance. Know when to ask the right questions. Close a job offer. Topics in this book include: Timing Counts: Delaying the Salary Discussion Knowing the Benefits of Employee Benefits Taking A Risk Tips for the Unemployed: Confidence to Negotiate Like You Have a Job Juggling two job offers Salary negotiation scripts: Because “Uhhh...umm” won’t help you score the best offer. Sample Questions and Answers of Salary Related Questions 20 Things You Need to Know for Effective Salary Negotiation Lost Money: The 17 Salary Negotiation Mistakes That Are Costing You 7 Resources to Determine Your “Market Value” Top Four Mistakes to Avoid: Never Make Them Again! How you can obtain the highest salary offer Lavie Margolin, a noted Career Coach, draws on his experience in working with hundreds of hiring managers and recruiters and thousands of job seekers in providing you with the strategy and answers that you need to succeed during a salary negotiation. While practicing in New York, he has dealt with some of the most demanding employers looking to fill job openings. He has made them happy every time by sending well polished job seekers who were up to the challenge of the interview. Lavie is one of those rare people who actually enjoys interviewing for a job and is always up for the challenge of a salary negotiation. He will share with you everything you need to know to become just as comfortable and enjoy the process while you are laying the groundwork for career success