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What do you do when an exotic real-estate mogul asks you to stay in paradise with him forever? Hunt for hundred-year-old treasure, escape a slew of gangsters, and try your hardest to keep your hands off his best-friend, naturally. Heather Bacall was forced into this vacation. But when she becomes stranded on an island, the real surprise is stumbling upon the exotic real-estate heir, Reed Hamilton. Reed is rich, charming, and smoothly seductive—so much so that Heather hardly questions their whirlwind romance. It seems too good to be true, and unfortunately it is. First of all, Reed has sinister secrets he isn’t sharing. Like, a gambling problem, and huge debt to a bookie named Ozzie. Second of all, his best-friend Matt is having a hard time keeping his hands to himself. It’s bad enough that Matt’s rippling pecks distract Heather by day, but in the balmy tropical night, his hands do things to her body that make her question her own morality—and heart. Matt is both drawn to and angered by Heather's presence, and she hasn't yet found out the reason why. Things get heated as Heather finds herself bound-up in a dangerous triangle of lies, forgotten treasure, and seduction with ulterior motives. At the center of the ultimate deception, Heather realizes she’s had it wrong all along. One—or two—of these men are not what they seem. She just hopes she can untangle the puzzle before she loses everything.