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M.J. Fleming, author
On a cold morning in late fall a girl was found running down the street, naked and screaming. She had been missing for over a month. It’s been 5 years since that day and 18 year old Taylor Cormier may have escaped her captor but never escaped the trauma. Jacob, the man who took her was never caught. Her life could have been lots of things, but instead it’s mace, house alarms, and secret work schedules. She remembers very little of her abduction, what she does remember is confusing and unreliable. The one thing she does know; she knows with absolute certainty, she will never be safe. Despite this knowledge she wants what all girls entering senior year want. To be included, to be liked, to be normal. So, when her old group of friends begin to talk to her again and the new charming boy in school shows interest. Taylor begins to hope that her senior year could be different. That is until another girl goes missing and Taylor’s life erupts into chaos once more. Through the course of the investigation, for the first time, Taylor feels hampered by the holes in her memory. With the help of her therapist she begins to recover memories of her abduction, hoping to uncover new evidence that will help the police, find the girl, find Jacob or both.
Daniel Hardiman

I loved this book. It was suspenseful and I couldn’t wait to finish it to find out what happened! I read this book in three days. Well written and kept you engaged. Can’t wait for more from the author!

Linda Senn

My Only Sunshine was a wonderful read. Knowing how to pull you in and keeping you spell bound shows MJ Fleming’s talent as a author.

Robin Callahan

I loved this book! I read it in 3 days and was fully engaged the whole time. I had trouble putting it down! The book is a quick read with many interesting threads. I would absolutely recommend it!

Tiffany Warren

Just finished reading You Are My Sunshine in less than 48 hours… MJ Fleming is an excellent writer! This story about a teenager coping with PTSD after an abduction years prior will hold your attention from the 1st chapter. I couldnt put it down! I found it easy to envision the places and characters as I read! I found myslef rooting for Taylor as she struggled to overcome challenges and face her fears. This is a must read!! Cant wait for the next book by MJ Fleming!