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Barstowe: A Life with Aaron

"BARSTOWE ~ A Life with Aaron” is a story about two gay men who meet while working out at a gym. After a couple of months working out together, one day everything changes. Aaron Barstowe asks Doug Channing to join him for lunch, comes out to him and then asks him out on a proper date. They undergo a whirlwind romance and get married within a couple of months. While Aaron’s lifestyle provides for one surprise after another to his new found love, he is also hiding a secret part of his life and family. While Doug knows there’s more than meets the eye with his newlywed husband, he does not get to find out the true secret behind the secret until more than a year after having been together. Given Doug’s humble beginnings, the question becomes can he accept finding out more about the Barstowe’s history that comes with his soul mate and true love? (NOTE: Contains Adult Content)

By Bryce McKay on November 17, 2015

The authors manages to tell a great story about life, love and tragedy all at the same time. There's never a dull moment in the lives of the two main characters in the book. In reading it, you can feel their hurt, their pain and their passion. And the end provides a nice surprise, well actually two surprises, as the last line preps you to watch for the sequel and provides the title so you can watch out for its release - genius!!!

By Oklahoma Guy on February 23, 2016

This is a raw and edgy novel, yet still remains tender and loving. This author evokes a diverse amount of emotion within the reader. I'm so excited to read the next story and anxiously awaiting its release. Until then, I'm going to get a copy of the authors second book titled Damaged Goods. Pick this up, and you'll love it!

JoAnn S., Ardmore, OK

“What a great love story!  I couldn’t put it down.  Usually read through (a book) in about 3-5 days.  And just so you know, parts made me cry.”