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Battle for Aspen Valley, book 4 of the Gemini Gate series
The chaos caused by global thermonuclear war has overwhelmed President Gregory McCormick, and his closest advisor is worried about him. They’ve eliminated one threat, renegade former Vice President Art Klemp, one of the carriers of the mutated smallpox virus, but another group of contaminated survivors—the Outcasts—is carrying it unwittingly across the country, and the military can’t stop them. Unable to repair the national power grid, the president has now been told that the bunker that is keeping him alive, is failing; and he believes the only solution is to acquire a new power supply, but where will he find what he needs? Dr. Amos Blund is focused on the unbelievable capabilities of the Observer, as an aide to medical research, and as a gate—the Gemini Gate—to a twin world. With the help of his partner, Terry Stephens, and driven by his son, Michael, Amos decides to look for himself in the twin world on the other side of the gate. When the Outcasts end their winter hibernation in Wyoming and continue their search for a place to live in peace in the Rocky Mountains, they encounter Amos’s nemesis, and the battle for Aspen Valley begins, with unexpected consequences for those in both worlds.