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Be a Mensch
Live a more satisfying life and improve relationships by giving more of yourself to others. Who doesn’t want to be a mensch? Someone who exudes kindness, integrity, and honor. The type of person who knows what to say when a friend’s loved one passes away or how to react with empathy and grace when someone at work is being a total schmuck. The kind of person your bubie or grandma would be proud of. Getting into the mensch mindset takes practice. But simple shifts in your approach to everyday interactions can help you find your inner mensch, revitalizing and strengthening your personal and professional relationships and the values you pass on to your family. A collection of humorous stories and practical advice—sprinkled with a healthy dose of Yiddish humor—Be a Mensch shows how to incorporate kindness into your daily life and to help others through difficult situations. It challenges you to get off your tuches and get involved. By living as a mensch, you will not only help others but improve your own life too.