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Be Who You Are, A Song For My Children

Adult; Self-Help & Relationships; (Market)

Dead man walking: That’s how many people live their lives. They’ve let their unrepeatable voice drown in the soul-sucking yelp of conformity. The symptoms are bad moods, blank stares, high stress, low cash, wounded passion, dead dreams, overeating, underachieving, lack of love, lack of drive, outer lies, and inner hell. The cure is powerfully simple: Be Who You Are—Inside and Out—No Matter What! As his children made their way out of the nest and into the world, musician Jimmy Brandmeier was determined to protect their authenticity. So he did what he does; he wrote a song. But his message was bigger than a ballad could hold. Each line spun like a thread weaving into prose that became Be Who You Are: A Song for My Children. In this uniquely intimate, humorous, and spiritual book, Brandmeier guides his children down the inner and outer roads of life with laser-beam clarity. \tHow do you stay happy no matter what happens? Imagine the life you want and live the life you’ve imagined? \tCreate inner wealth and financial independence? His answer is liberating and clear . . . Reach the Point. Whether you’re a multi-passionate Millennial determined to bypass the brainwashing and stoke the sparkle in your eye, a forty-something who’s sick and tired of limping through life, or a perfect success whose life is devoid of perfect happiness, this book guides you like only a loving father can, home to who you are, inside and out, no matter how what, no matter how far.