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Beating the Odds: Inspiriations from Matthew 25
“Beating the Odds” is a motivational and self-improvement book that is based on the author’s conviction that success in life should not be defined by our limitations but by our inherent potential, self-determination and grace. To make this case, the author takes the teachings of Matthew Chapter 25 and develops it into eight practical principles for becoming successful in life and with compelling life experiences and keen biblical insight, provides the framework for the application of these principles to everyday life, in ways that motivates the mind and incites the heart to action. The book brings the leader to the inevitable conclusion that choices, not chance, determines our destiny and that we are co-creators of how we end up in life.
Nwaorgu’s compact guide for success offers a lot more than the typical prosperity theology book suggesting that financial and physical blessings are part of following God. Nwaorgu, a psychologist and priest in the archdiocese of Newark, N.J., uses Matthew 25 to offer advice on how to apply wisdom from Jesus’s stories to everyday life. Three well-known parables (of the lamps, the talents, and the kingdom) are explored in new ways to provide eight principles for producing success and blessing in one’s life. With keen skill and accuracy, the author targets the lessons taught in the parables, often giving unique insight. Nwaorgu’s intent is to get people moving: life is full of opportunities, he writes, but it is what we do with them that will matter most. He consolidates the teaching further, categorizing the stories as ways to be ready, to act, and to give to others when opportunities present themselves. Realizing that choice, not chance, determines fate will result in a closer relationship with people as well as with God, he emphatically believes, and will help the reader beat the odds in achieving blessings. (BookLife)
Ann Joseph

This book is truly a self improvement guide, very insightful, relevant, and a stimulating read. It did not just inspire me, it moved me to action.

Caroline Ilogienboh, author of "Saving Bekyah"

This book is a must read for anyone who wishes to live a purposeful life.

Fr. Vincent Amusuo

If all authority were to be in my hand, I would recommend this book for everyone to read. It is a working tool and a handbook for responsible living

Mary F. Brown, Newark, New Jersey

In the beginning, I could not even read this book because I knew it was going to challenge me to think outside the box and take ownership of my life. Guess what, it did. “Read this book and face the “you” in the mirror. It will surely ignite the fire in your soul to move your life to a new level

Uju Egonu, Union, N.J

Almost from the first page, certain uncomfortable realizations were provoked within me that have continued to challenge my core attitudes and behavior. The book in its totality is indeed an encounter because you come away from each chapter with the feeling of having just spoken to an old, familiar friend who knows you and who is not bashful about confronting you with truths about your reality.