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Garry McDougall
Author, Illustrator
Dr Louis Gabriel arrives in iconic Gundagai, passionate about the new medicine and Lister’s pioneering surgery, He is fired with hope and determination, but is he in the wrong place at the wrong time? Will Gundagai's black doctor ever belong? Based on the life of the eminent photographer, surgeon and medico, Dr Gabriel, in legendary Gundagai. Employed as Chief Medical Officer of Gundagai Hospital set off a chain of event pits him against Dr. O'Dwyer and a town crusade against people of colour. This is his struggle for acceptance as a doctor and a man. In an era where Federation could stifle his ambitions and standing, what hope has he of romance, and a normal family life? Can he and his camera overcome envious medicos and the machinations of Gundagai’s colourful characters? How will he cope with religious animosities, economic hardships and the rising ‘White Australia’ policy? The story climaxes in 1900, with the coming of Federation, the Jimmy Blacksmith terror, the Plague and the murderous Boer War. Belonging includes over twenty Louis Gabriel photographs, adding fresh insights into Gundagai, its characters and the making of a legend.