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Kyle Morrow
Belt Buckle Bunny
Kyle Morrow, author
Shiv Sheehan writes rodeo erotica under the pseudonym C. Pussy Buck. As writer of fiction, she could imagine an obsessive love triangle and the chaotic mayhem after finding a dead body. But herself being caught up in those tumultuous and convoluted haps, that she could not imagine. \tNor could Shiv see herself crawling. Four on the floor, crawling toward a captivating bullrider named Ram. A sitting god with the compelling pull and sexual arts to finger her limp. \tHow she did the cowgirl crawl— she wore her white cowboy hat. Her intention? to be the good girl. \tShe also wore her shortest Levi cut-offs, a halter-top cut indecently, and roper boots to chase the cowboy down, throw him to the ground, cure her lonesome. She found the shithead reading her bestseller Bullriders EAT Belt-Buckle Bunnies. \t \tPlacing both hands her hips, the inflamed cowgirl said, ‘Hey, Shithead.’\t