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Better Off Dead
charlene k., author

Sequel to Better To Give Than Deceive

Three years ago Chance and Jared left a hitman in a coma and their partner in prison when they walked away with $2.4 million. It's three years later, Frank's out, the hitman recovered, and they're going after the money.

When Frank is released from prison, he follows the money back to Chance and Jared where he discovers they're in the middle of a high stakes con. Frank secretly attempts to infiltrate the con and stack the odds in his favor by putting himself in a position to rip them off yet again. The stakes are raised and an arrest is imminent when police receive an anonymous tip that pits Jared against Chance to determine which grifter is set free while the other is sent to prison. And if they don't have enough to worry about, another hitman has been dispatched to finish the job the first hitman failed to complete, and this time their luck may have run out. Chance and Jared have a plan, but for everything to work out, the only solution available may be that one of them is better off dead.