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Beyond Layers Book Four Layers Series

Adult; Romance; (Market)

Samantha & Logan’s Story Years after the tragic death of her fiancé, Samantha Grant, finds herself on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She needed a break from her crazy-busy life, but she finds… Oh, so much more.
DJ Empress Books & Binding

"Score! I am in love with all the characters in the Layer’s series and don’t want it to come to an end, but of all the smartly written books in this series, I loved this installment the most. I tend to avoid series as I am prone to forgetting too many salient details between volumes, but that was not a problem for me here as Ms. Alexander’s writing is exquisite and more than memorable. Her plot lines are lively, fun, entertaining, deliciously steamy, yet also insightful and moving. I tend to devour her books as I cannot seem to put them down or read them fast enough, although I also want to savor the sparkling dialogs infused with clever humor and witty banter. She has mad skills and I want to read every word she ever puts on a page. Sigh, I wonder if she could be bribed into continuing this series into infinity." DJ Empress Books & Binding