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Beyond Liberty Alone

Adult; Political & Social Sciences; (Market)

The concept of liberty has been taken hostage by the political Right over the last forty years in an effort to justify all sorts of destructive political positions. The result is a theory of liberty that is destructive to our planet, our nation, and our moral selves. Beyond Liberty Alone takes back the concept of liberty, peeling away the distorted popular assumptions that inform the Right’s understanding of this critical political concept and, in its place, proposes an alternative that’s progressive, comprehensive and noteworthy. Rethinking key concepts of individual rights, labor, and property to the role of government and free markets, Beyond Liberty Alone relentlessly questions our fundamental ideas, in order to achieve a new understanding of liberty, rights and responsibilities. As in his earlier works, Schwartz draws on history, philosophy and religion to reframe how we look at ourselves, our traditions, and our collective moral responsibilities. Sure to raise brows on the Right, Beyond Liberty Alone offers a refreshing alternative to mainstream opinion for both political and progressive thinkers to ponder, discuss, and use as a framework for action.