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Bircher-Benner Manual 10, Manual for patients with rheumatism and arthritis
Manual for patients with rheumatism and arthritis This handbook is based on the knowledge and experience acquired over decades at the world-famous Bircher-Benner Clinic, today’s Bircher-Benner Medical Centre, a cutting-edge medical healing centre. It is aimed at giving you, as a patient, all the information necessary to help you on the path to recovery and to prevent a recurrence of your illness. This book will also enable you to understand its causes on a scientific basis and gibes useful practical advice on nutrition, nursing and any physical therapy needed. In addition, it provides precise details of the nutritional requirement at various interconnected stages of the treatment and is supplemented by a variety of inviting, satisfying menus, tried and tested at the original Bircher-Benner Clinic. For physicians, the book comes as a welcome time-saver and is a valuable aid for them in guiding their patients during treatment.