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BlackHeart's Legacy
Sally Copus, author
Twelve-year-old Jon Sinclair’s plans and life are changed forever when the navigational system of his space-time ship malfunctions, plummeting him to the shores of Port Royal in 1692. He is kidnapped from his travelling-companion grandmother and brought aboard the ship of the notorious Captain BlackHeart where he is forced to join the venturesome crew. There are hurricanes, explosive sea battles and risky trips in search of treasure. Jon quickly wants nothing more than to go back to his life as it once was. Meanwhile, his grandmother is masquerading as a male cook on the ship of BlackHeart’s steadfast enemy, hoping to cross paths and take Jon back home. As the twists and surprises devour the middle of the book, lurking directly in Jon’s path just at the edge of obtaining his desire is the legendary earthquake that abruptly drops Port Royal into the sea in 1692. The electrifying ending foreshadows Jon’s next adventure—an exciting voyage to the lost city of Atlantis.