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BLACKOUT: How I Found My True Self Once I Logged Out Of Social Media

Adult; Self-Help; (Market)

She spent over a decade in digital marketing helping produce award-winning advertising campaigns for top global clients. So to find her, lying on her itchy living room carpet, still in pajamas at noon, is to know she’s in a slump. The reason? The very medium she’d devoted her career to. Our world speeds by these days, with push notifications serving as another tedious responsibility to take care of. But for all the chat rooms and status updates, Ahıskal felt disconnected, depressed. When did connection become a chore? When did we stop truly listening to one another? Was it possible to get that connection back? She sought the answer to these questions by conducting the 28-day media detox in her debut title BLACKOUT. For four weeks – with the exception of one notable “peek” – she avoided social media, cable television, continuous-scroll newsfeeds, and other maddening digital content. The insight she gained was invaluable. BLACKOUT offers 12 actionable items for the reader to conduct her own media blackout experiment. Thoughtful explorations of the twenty-first-century media landscape – told from a refreshing global perspective – help the reader understand what she is up against. BLACKOUT draws on concepts like minimalism and author’s own professional background in advertising to show us how to hit the reset button for a healthy, mindful relationship with the media we consume. Part self-help, part memoir, this debut title will appeal to young professional women already seeking out “the Zen” in their daily lives.