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Garry McDougall
Author, Illustrator
Blacksmith and Canon

Archaeologists discover the Viviers Journals, and publish a translation as 'Blacksmith and Canon.' It’s 1503, contemporary to Niccolo Machiavelli, Michaelangelo, The Borges, Medici’s and Martin Luther. DaVinci is painting the Mona Lisa, and for the first time, a battle turns on use of firearms. Louis de St Martin, blacksmith and troubadour, is brought before a severe Canon-Magistrate accused of three murders. Helpless at first, with one insight he strikes a bargain where only one of them will survive. On their pilgrim journey with knights, archers, scribe, and a Neapolitan family including Rosalonda, and her anatomist cousin, Semla, Louis entertains with them with outrageous tales. As fates twist, there’s love, music, humour, murder, mayhem and a final show-down to end volume one of The Viviers Chronicles. This lyrical allegory of the Renaissance is written from the blacksmith's and Canon's viewpoints, leaving us wondering where lies the truth. The Gothic is never far away.