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Blood of the Stars
J.L. Murray, author
"I remember my name." ​ Spencer McQuarrie wakes to find himself in a New Orleans hospital in 1945, in a spiraling sequence of events that ends with the brutal murder of his wife, Josephine. Pulled back through time to 1927, he is reunited with a still-living Josephine, and desperately tries to piece together his broken mind to avoid her future death. But then McQuarrie finds himself in the middle of a war between Haitian Vodou demigods – the Loa – and they do not have his best interests at heart. The loa pull the couple from one time to another, demanding that McQuarrie learn who is killing almost everyone he knows. As McQuarrie starts losing time and waking up in different parishes throughout New Orleans, the list of suspects grows, and he begins to decipher his connection to the killer. Knowing the truth may mean losing Josephine's love. But to save her, he would give up everything: He would fight, he would kill, he would die. To save her, he would burn worlds upon worlds upon worlds.