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Blown Away! Even More Confessions of an Angel in Training
Shel Delisle, author
It's about to get wild. Grace is a feather's width away from getting her wings when she's sent by Archangel Michael into The Wilds to spy on Annex and his army of rebel Angels, The Locusts. Annex has plans--big plans--to destroy The Hierarchy, and will stop at nothing to see those plans through. Once there, however, Grace isn't convinced that The Locusts are as bad as she'd been led to believe. In fact, she's sympathetic to their cause. Torn by her loyalty to both groups, Grace must figure out a way to restrain the growing anger and restore peace among all the Angels. It'd be a big job for any Angel, tougher still for one without wings. Blown Away!, the third book in the Angel in Training series, features Grace, and the rest of her divine friends, in another high-spirited adventure.