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URL: ‘Blowout’, is a dramatic fiction novel, inspired by ‘‘Operação Lava Jato’(Operation Car Was) criminal investigations by the Departments of Justice in Brazil and the US on the siphoning off $ 20 Billion through Money Laundering, Bribery and Kickbacks organized by a criminal cartel of state-owned oil company executives, politicians, contractors and black market currency dealers. Based loosely on a true investigations during 2014 tp 2017 time-period. Genre: High-tech crime involving Hugh-Frequency Programed Trading Company owned and operated by a superstar female ex-Goldman Sachs executive, her step-sister, the Administrator of Brazil’s Environment Protection Agency in Brazil, and a testosterone fueled young American offshore oil-rig engineer. Plot: The shocking discovery of his dead body found floating face down in the swimming pool of a luxury villa owned by a financial super star. The dead young man is the oil-rig engineer of the world’s most sophisticated oil rig which cost $ 400 million, which sank after catastrophic blowout. What began as an investigation into a catastrophic blowout on an oil rig, the Poseidon, morphed into a $20 billion loss through bribes, kickbacks, and money laundering and then quickly turned into something much greater, uncovering a vast and intricate web of political and corporate racketeering, all thanks to a dangerous and passionate love triangle . . .. set in Wall Street and Brazil. The scandal rocked the boardrooms and bedrooms in Brazil. Is this the biggest financial scandal in history? ‘Blowout’ takes us on a journey through love, dangerous passion, jealousy, greed, intense desire to win, dangerous passion, the rationality of these seemingly irrational emotions, examining the fundamental desires of what men and women want, and why these longings so often produce conflict. An emotional journey of three star-crossed lovers seeking experiences beyond the edge of million-dollar milliseconds. Length, Structure and estimated run-time of the film: ‘Blowout’ is a 75,000-word high-octane fiction novel loosely based on a true story. The locations are beautiful architecture hotels, high-rise offices, beaches, villas, mansions, high-frequency trading rooms, night-clubs restaurants in Brazil and the Wall Street. ‘Blowout’ is driven by fewer major-characters (five), side-conflicts and subplots. The main narrative resembles more of a straight line and not veer off into complicated back stories, multiple points of view, and meandering plot lines. The set-up is approximately 25 minutes, series of conflicts about 50 minutes, and resolution takes about 25 minutes – a total of 110 minutes, in a three-act play structure.
Self Published Review


Looking at humanity’s most pressing issues head-on can be overwhelming, but in Blowout, author Xingu Fawcett stares down the barrel of global crises, and forces readers to watch.

Some of the most complex problems humans face as a globalized society, and a species, are addressed through the story of three star-crossed lovers in Brazil. The sexual appetites of Fabiana, the inner turmoil of Camilla and the rippling-muscled man mixed between them would make for a great novel alone, but this exploration of sex, greed, and survival has far more interesting overtones.

The decadence of the social elite is explored in brilliant detail, and the author has clearly rubbed elbows in that elevated cadre of society. Fawcett expertly shows his cynicism and disdain for the corruption and shortsightedness of those in power, and this novel resembles a bludgeon that might help to open the right eyes.

With the beautiful country of Brazil as a setting, this novel swings between a romantic romp and a political diatribe, and that volatility makes it very difficult to put down. This is a powerful, well-conceived book for the troubled times in which we live, urging people to wake up, work to fix what is broken, and think about the bigger picture.