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Blue Falcon
T.C. Winters, author
Devastated by her combat experiences, Grace Garcia is unable to adjust to civilian life until a wayward postcard sends her on a mission that places her in the path of Jared Cooper, the new Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix ATF. With a new job and a new daughter, Jared has no interest in a new relationship, but when seemingly unrelated events result in a dangerous threat to their lives, he offers Grace refuge. When witnesses and suspects die before they can talk, Jared becomes convinced the threats are originating close to home, but the perpetrator is always one-step ahead as he searches for answers. As the stakes get higher, Grace must decide to embrace her warrior past, or allow her fears to consume her. Caught in a nest of deception, Jared must unravel the lies to find the truth before another life slips away. The truth lies in uncovering the elusive Blue Falcon.