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Blue Is Just A Word: The Civil War Within
This debut memoir is a love story for the ages. It’s an Uncle Tom’s Cabin for today that disturbs the comfortable by comforting the disturbed as it exposes the consequences of being enslaved by anything. Inspired by a motherless little girl: music, meditation and the moral lessons of American history reach deep to bring a young father up from the depths of depression after losing everything with the brutal deaths of his wife and younger brother. In his search for meaning he discovers what happens to someone enslaved by religion, politics, society, or ideology. It reveals that the racial turmoil we suffer today comes from “the eternal struggle” between what we are told to believe and what Mark Twain suggested our hearts whisper, “just ain’t so.”
Kirkus Media

“In fact, Foster is one of the most passionate writers readers will likely find between the two covers of a book . . . a rich feast."

"It is important to emphasize that this is not feigned, that somehow the audience will know that this is not and act."

-Kirkus Reviews