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Body and Soul

Relive the life of Adam Daniels, born bi-racial in the Jim Crow South in 1940.  Raised by his Negro grandparents and other extended family members.

He knew what love was from the examples he witnessed at home, where he learned the rewards of success.  Adam saw both as a child and while becoming a man, when he learned that passion could come without love, but it was better the other way around.


Wow! The story of Adam, and the rest of the Daniels’ family, hooks you from the very beginning. It takes you on a journey that’s filled with twists and turns that you’ll never see coming. You won’t want to put this book down...but when you HAVE to, you’ll find yourself thinking about it. You’ll think about the name; what you last read; wondering what’s going to happen next; and when you’ll be able to get back to it. Yes. This is that book...

Kudos to the author for writing such good story and creating great characters who are realistically flawed.