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Stacey Sauter
When fifteen-year old Gail Kenealy awakens one morning to find an abandoned baby in her bureau drawer, her life is forever altered. Forced to take in five more children after the death of a close relative, her parents – with five children of their own -- soon find their humble home bursting at the seams. As the newfound stress quickly brings her mother to the breaking point, Gail is hastily forced to trade her carefree, adolescent life for the responsibilities of motherhood and the challenges of adulthood. As her once peaceful home is transformed into a den of chaos and frustration, Gail begins to question her faith, foolish adult choices, and her role in life . Along the way she learns that setbacks are often springboards for growth. And while desperation is what drives the two families together, what makes them survive is the discovery of compassion and love. "Bouillabaisse" is a story of personal empowerment, and is a coming-of-age-tale rich with the troubling lows and heartwarming highs that life has to offer.