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Brave in Ribbons
Holly Maholm, author
In her contemporary take on the holiday classic, Brave in Ribbons, Maholm revisits the original Dickens’ classic to set the stage for a new host of characters and a contemporary holiday story. Readers will recognize the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future and will quickly find themselves attached to the colorful and heartfelt cast of Brave in Ribbons, including a recently deceased brother, his three daughters and his transgender sister, Connie. A retired lawyer and widower, Tommy passes away and arrives in the afterlife, where he is given a Guide to help him. Soon after, Tommy realizes he has lost touch with the “true meaning of Christmas.” He begins his search for meaning by visiting a place in the afterlife called The Village -- where, surprisingly, the leader is Satan (but in the Village he calls himself Stan). Tommy and his Guide are appalled by how Stan has changed A Christmas Carol, and they agree Tommy must return to the world of the living to check in on his three daughters and younger sister. Tommy’s Guide and Stan serve as Tommy’s Christmas Ghosts, and they take Tommy back to see if his daughters have kept their deathbed promise to include Connie in their Christmas celebrations.