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Janet Stead
Janet Stead, author
Twenty years ago… Mike and Jamie meet online—deep in the heart of a supercomputer they’re both hacking into. Mike is a twenty-two-year-old college senior and Jamie is hiding that she’s a fifteen-year old computer prodigy. Over the ensuing months of dark web excursions, they fall in love, while not knowing each other’s real names or ages. When Mike tells Jamie about his feelings and wants to meet, Jamie knows it’s over. She’s sure that if he discovers her age, his feelings for her will change. While they argue about her refusal to meet, Mike suddenly goes offline. Forever. Today… The FBI needs computer expert Jamie Rutherford’s help to infiltrate the computer system of a human smuggling ring. They assign FBI agent Mike Abano to oversee the case. When they first meet, Jamie is not impressed. But as they work together, her opinion does an about-face and they’re both having trouble keeping their eyes and hands off one another each other. Yet neither of them know who the other really is. Mike is the first to figure it out—but by the time he does, Jamie is running for her life.