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Carl Hart
Break the Language Barrier! Improve Your English and Improve Your Life
Carl W. Hart, author
Like it or not, every time you open your mouth to say anything, you are judged. From the way you speak or write, the listener or reader decides things about your education, your intelligence, your social level or your suitability as an employee or romantic partner. Maybe it’s not fair, but that’s life. Make a mistake in your English, and without even knowing it, you can be branded as someone who is not right for a new job, not right for a promotion, not someone whose thoughts and opinions are worth considering or not someone suitable for a romantic or social relationship. The person you’re talking to may keep smiling, but now there’s an invisible barrier between you and professional or social advancement. Break the Language Barrier! teaches you how to avoid mistakes in grammar, pronunciation, word usage and punctuation that, without your even realizing it, can create an invisible barrier to your professional and social advancement. With easy-to-understand explanations and numerous examples, Break the Language Barrier! will help you speak with confidence; avoid embarrassment; improve your chances for a raise, a promotion or a date; impress your boss, colleagues and friends; enhance your social life and stay out of trouble with the Grammar Police.