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Break Them All: A Modern Era Awakening!
DRTao, author
Have you ever wondered about life and its existence? People usually follow the norms taught to them since the very beginning of their time, never questioning their existence, even when they sound suspicious or abnormal. I am going to lend you a hand in breaking these shells as you go deeper down the rabbit hole, making the intent more transpicuous at each break. Till your vision, which was clouded by the materialistic tags, gets limpid like never before. You will have a fresh pair of eyes that will alter your perception completely. We will lay down the foundation in breaking the biggest shell of them all i.e. illusion, however, you won't really realize the break till all the layers underneath are fragmented. This will happen gradually with a thunderclap as the phase concludes. Each chapter will end in such a manner that you will feel the glassy shell break within you! So what are you waiting for? Lay your hands on it today and we shall commence our journey, that will change your perception towards life, its phenotypes and the existence itself forever! "Ego is capable of misguiding a saint to commit the seven deadly sins, it is so powerful that it manifests a separate entity in us, this entity is called the mind" - The Author "Weakening even an insignificant part of our surroundings can break the very core we stand on" - The Author "Awakening can be realized once all the hindering shells are broken" - The Author "Break all the barriers by realizing the illusions of the mind to open the door en route to enlightenment" - The Author