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Breaking the Scroll
Jane Vergara, author

Young Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

Kino Amark dreams of flying in Akea, a place where all the Citizens have special abilities. But Kino can only dream because, in this place where everyone has special gifts, Kino is the only one without any! His determination, however, to fly using wings that are crafted from all sorts of leaves has all but resulted in one failure after another. So Kino is left with no choice but to endure the bullying he receives in school because of his unfortunate state. Little does Kino know that his heritage links him to the former emperor, to a clan thought to be long gone, and to a princess who can make things happen by writing them. Nor does Kino know that a great destiny awaits him… If only he could get past the daily challenges in school. And if by some hand, he discovers that there is a secret that has been controlling his power from manifesting. With the help of Kino’s friends, Mayo Calo, the super-adventurous boy, and Pyper San Diego, the little ghost girl, will Kino be so lucky to survive in Akea without any power? Or will the Gods finally grant him one?