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Colet Abedi
Colet Abedi, author
Five kingdoms. Five different breeds. Only one can be Alpha. Earth, 2999 A.D. In a small pocket of the only sustainable land on Earth, humanity has evolved into a new breed of species. Amphibians, Birds, Reptiles, Mammals… each human Breed taking on the characteristics of the animal it descends from. All but one. History calls it the Great Cetacean Massacre. Terrified by the intellect of the fifth race, the humans of Kingdom OM committed genocide. For seventeen-year-old, Siren, the last of a forbidden Breed, her mission is all that matters. No one can ever know who she really is- least of all Aedan, the young ruler of Kingdom OM, or her Breed will face extinction. With danger on all sides and threats from within, Aeden and Siren must find a way to work together or risk the fate of all humanity.
Nana Malone

"Colet Abedi's Breed, is a stunningly gripping adventure of loyalty, love and what happens when the fate of humanity is at risk. Aeden and Siren kept me hostage until the very last page."

- Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Nana Malone


"AMAZING! I devoured this book in one sitting and want more. I love the characters and the drama...this book really speaks to our current world situation and political climate." - Danielle G, Librarian