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Brewer's Odyssey
Brief Synopsis of Brewer’s Odyssey: Popular writer, Thomas Brewer, 40, finds himself in a plot not unlike his Gothic novels. A nightmare predicts a terrorist attack, and when it happens and Brewer survives, his assumed psychic abilities draw the interest of a CIA agent, Jeffrey Peterson. When Harriet Miller, Brewer’s English-African literary agent and former lover, is indirectly inked to a terrorist plot involving the Vatican, Brewer inadvertently implicates the Middle-Eastern father of Harriet Miller’s infant daughter. The subsequent revenge brings tragic results. Dr. Susan Fredericks, a neurologist and the object of Brewer’s desire, reveals his living nightmares suggest another condition: REM Sleep Behavior Disorder that can lead to Dementia. Brewer might have little time left before paranoia and hallucinations destroy him leaving unanswered questions: did he really meet the ghost of Daphne du Maurier, and just who is that mysterious black girl haunting his dreams? Brewer’s personal nemesis is a yellow haired ruthless politician. On an Aran island called Inishmore full of magical spirits of a different sort, Thomas Brewer might find salvation and see a healing light for the first time.