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Bull Shark

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Publish)

Both relationships and friendships are tested when a chance encounter with a teenage boy called in Oscar in Scotland leads to the protagonist having to make choices that will have a significant impact on the lives of others. A stable same-sex relationship disintegrates as Chezdon and Louis subsequently travel around continental Europe on a road trip by motorcar. With emotional infidelity destabilising their travels, the new digital relationship evolves between Oscar and Chezdon. What will happen when they actually meet again, and where in this huge world will their paths cross? The characters interact with dysfunctional adults on their travels and address contemporary issues that everyone faces in society. The nuances of a niche-religion are part of the story and how assumed beliefs can lead to an unexpected result when the characters and timelines eventually collide. This is a story where coming out of the closet isn't as big of a deal as confronting complex relationships and coping in the digital age. Each chapter is written based on specific insight from having visited Scotland, England, Spain, France and Italy. Using different European cities as a backdrop makes the resulting drama and romance even more poignant especially when they must encounter societal and language barriers as they aspire to live in the moment on a summer holiday. From the author of Innocence Waning, comes Bull Shark.
Bull Shark to be released on Amazon - Date Set!

from the author of Innocence Waning, comes Bull Shark. It is a one-off book that will be released both digitally and as a paperback on Amazon on 29 January 2019.