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Synopsis: Julieta faced many challenges as a child, from kindergarten registration through her senior year in high school. Growing up in a large family, Julieta felt invisible and experienced firsthand the “middle child syndrome.” And she dealt with bullies on a daily basis at different phases in her life, which nearly convinced her that it was a normal part of life. If bullying was such a normal behavior, why were so many pre-teens and teenagers committing suicide? she wondered. For a while Julieta even became a bully herself, but quickly realized that making others feel miserable made her feel miserable, and this was not how she wanted to live. Today, Julieta is thankful she learned from her mistakes. She acknowledges that her religious beliefs helped her through the most difficult times. She wants readers to know that the issues of bullying are real, and kids should not have to wonder if bullying is normal behavior. It is not! Bullies have either been bullied at some point in their lives or just want to feel power over weaker individuals.