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Rod Johnston
Buoy 13
Rod Johnston, author
Welcome to The Hamptons. New York City’s playground. A paradise where spirits never die…and some never forget. It started on New Year’s Eve. Then it happened again, and again. Always on holidays. Always unexpected until it became expected. Then feared. Suddenly traffic concerns, vacationing and socializing weren’t as important. Arson, explosions and murder had taken center stage. So had the presence of law enforcement, their checkpoints everywhere. The lobster and fishing industries are being scrutinized. Their people are in the crosshairs. Eventually it comes to light that history repeats itself and being dead doesn’t matter when you’re not wanted—in The Hamptons. Buoy 13 is a full-length thriller set in The Hamptons. It captures the bay life, social scene and historical legends that haunt the land and waters comprising Long Island’s South Fork. A fictional take on the sometimes-controversial fishing and lobstering industries, Buoy 13 delves into other-worldly scenes and the supernatural while exploring real issues that simmer beneath the glitz and glamour that define what many believe to be the most storied, beautiful and prestigious real estate in America—The Hamptons.