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Paul Slatter, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

In cozy Vancouver, British Columbia, where some dress their dogs in designer clothes and others undress for kinky sex, someone is burning people in the streets. A psychotic Russian, a Jaded policewoman with no time for procedure, an unwitting international superstar and an aging private investigator. Burn is a dark comedy about depravity and revenge in a city unprepared for the firestorm that comes when cultures collide.
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I really enjoyed this book in spite of the murder of a character I really liked in such an awful brutal way. I loved the humor, it make me laugh out loud sometimes! Not an easy thing to happen for me. It’s well written, I like the characters, the good guys and the bad guys are the kind you love to hate! I look forward to reading more books by this author.

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Loved it and looking forward to more.
Straightforward storytelling including colorful and convincing characters. And oh that dangerous Russian!
The humor in this story was delivered at just the
right times....very funny. I love Dan's predicaments...what a hoot!

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This is a fast-paced novel with characters who were well-developed. I look forward to reading more of Mr. Slatter’s work.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Fast-paced, funny, and with unexpected twists. Believable characters with charisma. Well done - when is the next one coming out? 
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Really fun book. Reminds me of the style of some early Martin Amis I've read. Excellent story, characters, love the setting. If you live in Vancouver or know it, the settings will be vivid in your mind. Can't wait to read the next one. P.S. lots of sex and extreme violence so if that's not your thing better move on to a cozy mystery.



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This gem of a book is obscenely HILARIOUS! I love how Mr. Slatter gives us a delicious cast of unique characters, with their subplots beautifully crossing paths, making it a satisfying read. Underneath all this, it is an original Vancouver detective story with a heavy dose of nail-biting suspense that will have you riveted! I give it two thumbs up!