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Caleb's Lot
"While the Lottery series unleashes a regular cadence of shocking twists from the get-go, the malevolence burning within the book's primary protagonist builds like Ravel's Bolero." - review Caleb is content as he faces the last few months of his life in his home overlooking San Francisco Bay. His son Rayne Bastien is a concert pianist who has been cited as the next Liberace; his other son Sam is about to be married and his adopted daughter Ahna visits often. With his family and the love of his life by his side, at long last Caleb is at peace. What he doesn't know, however, is that he is about to face the most devastating consequence of his life; one he will be forced to silently take to his grave. What reviewers say: "The beginning will grab your attention, but the end will leave you breathless." -- Best-selling, award winning author Katie French I have read lots of books and many of them by some by the bestselling authors of our time, but never have I read a book that really moved me as this one has. The entire series is captivating. The ending is a WOW! After reading Shursen's first two books, I compared her to John Grisham. After reading the Lottery Trilogy, I compare her favorably to Stephen King. This last installment of this series was nothing short of spectacular! This series was off the charts. I was able to feel what the characters were feeling. I felt all of the emotions.... Five stars...would give it more if I could.