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California, no more
CALIFORNIA, NO MORE The after the 2nd world war for people with limited means, especially for those who the few possessed before had lost them in the war, offered two outlets for a young man of the center-south of Italy. Emigrating to the north and take up any low job or go working abroad. The foreign country since that time which appreciates the Italians crews was the United States. Paul accepts a boarding on an American tanker, which he must reach by plane at the Port of Los Angeles: Wilmington. The mere fact of having to fly all the way to that destination, excites him to the point that he accepts, although recently having obtained the diploma of intermating studies, without any possibility to continue them at the University of Rome. We were in 1957, and although the abject poverty begins to wane, thanks to the slow reconstruction of a nation severely injured by the war, the prospect of any employment is very few. The experience on the sea will accrue Paul, making him tough to fatigue and discomfort, but not enough to make him abandon the studies, of. He can of learn to the perfection the American language which will help him to climb the career in the oil company for which he hired, thanks for the support of Elizabeth, wife of an Admiral of the US Navy, known since his arrival in California and mother of his future spouse Sharon. The breathtaking with on the seas around the world with the epilog in the Californian port, tragic in its brutality, but for some combination lucky and advantageous subsequently for Paolo who, after deep and much thought, decided to do a definite step.