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Caligula Reincarnate
Steve Peek, author

Sarah’s touch releases the spirit of a Roman merchant. Trapped in a sculpture of Emperor Caligula for two thousand years, Marcus enters her mind and shares her body. Unaware another person resides in her mind, Sarah believes she is insane. As she accepts Marcus’s presence, he tells her stories and convinces her of the truth. Sarah comes to understand fate brought Marcus into her life, and she must help him find and destroy the current incarnation, of the eternal murderer. A battle of wits ensues and soon the two of them, in Sarah’s body, come face-to-face with the worst murderer in history.

San Francisco Chronicle

"This story’s Caligula is a perfect monster: nuanced, well-written, an iconic villain." San Francisco Chronicle
“Imposing, dark, twisted – Peek gives us a true sense of malice few writers can muster.” San Francisco Chronicle
“It has been decades since I’ve read a character with the depth and evil of Peek’s Caligula,” Herbie Brennan, The Irish Times
"It is a rare author who can truly write heroes and monsters equally well, Peek succeeds." SF Chronicle