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Canning Full Circle; From Garden to Jar to Table

Adult; Food & Cooking; (Market)

Canning Full Circle breaks the mold of traditional canning cookbooks. Others fall short, giving only the canning process, failing to demonstrate what to do with the food once it is in a jar. The Canning Diva® teaches readers how to incorporate home canned goods into their everyday lives. Better yet, readers are given practical and delicious recipes so they may use their home canned goods in meal creation. This revolutionary cookbook will teach you how to have a well-rounded kitchen pantry throughout the entire year, not just during canning season! Not a home canner? No problem. Canning Full Circle includes recipes, tips and techniques every home cook will find valuable. Chock-full of tantalizing photos and more than 100 recipes, readers are inspired to share in this time-honored craft – creating and preserving meals your friends and family will love!
An avid canner since childhood, Devereaux shares her experience in this solid collection of recipes aimed at preserving flavors at their height. After thorough directions on how to can, Devereaux offers serving suggestions for each of her canning items: apple-cider butter, for example, is a simple accompaniment to toasted bread and can be used to make apple-cider-butter muffins. She illustrates how canned fare such as black bean and corn salsa can be used to create a simple salsa chicken bake as well as Santa Fe corn bread, and how her recipe for apple-pie filling can also be used to create apple pumpkin bread, apple brownies, or a simple yogurt parfait. Even classics, such as the crowd-pleasing baked Brie topped with chutney, get an update here via an apple curry chutney. Inventive recipes, such as a pickled ramp martini and a strawberry salsa, broaden the book’s scope. Those intimidated by the process of canning are sure to be won over by Devereaux’s enthusiasm, as well as her simple and practical recipes. This is a valuable addition to the growing number of canning titles. (BookLife)