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Cast From The Herd
Memoir of a post-WWII childhood in the world's largest matriarchal society, the Minangkabau. It was also a time when Malaysia was transiting from its agrarian feudal roots to an urban democratic society, and in the background of a violent communist insurgency. The book is a ground-view level of the country's many transformational events, the Japanese Occupation , the brief but equally brutal Chinese Communist rule that continued ones an extended guerrilla warfare euphemistically referred to as "The Emergency," the first general elections that led to the country's independence form British rule in 1957, and the nation's later merger withe remaining British colonies in Southeast Asia. On a a personal level it relates the writer's struggle tons secure an modern English education amidst the intense nationalism and religious fervor of the period. The memoir ends with the author's first day on a Canadian campus and the attendant culture shock.