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CBT Worksheets
This book is designed for CBT therapists in training and for CBT therapists who would like a readily accessible portfolio of worksheets. You are welcome to photocopy the sheets in this book and to hand them out to your clients. We have included a range of exercises and diaries so that you can choose the worksheets that you think are most relevant for specific problems that you are working with. In many cases we have included explanations of exercises and examples of completed worksheets. We have also included a range of handouts that you can offer clients before or after your CBT sessions.
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Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite *****

CBT Worksheets: CBT Worksheets for CBT Therapists in Training is a non-fiction occupational, self-help book written by Dr. James Manning and Dr. Nicola Ridgeway. This book provides a compilation of worksheets for use with clients engaged in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In addition to providing sample forms, the authors discuss how they are used and provide demonstrative samples that address typical issues CBT clients may have. CBT Worksheets begins with a discussion of the importance of diary keeping by clients. While acknowledging that many clients are not particularly enthusiastic about diary keeping, the different types of diary forms illustrate that diaries can extend beyond the traditional concept of diary into cataloging thoughts, feelings, physiological responses, and behavior. Detailed problem lists are shown to have use in helping clients realize and chart the progress they are making as they continue with their therapy. Writing fosters a sense of detachment from one's feelings, the authors argue, which makes it possible for them to view things more dispassionately and gain a sense of self-reflection. Other worksheets help clients work through limiting beliefs and conditional assumptions and show how old negative rules can be molded into new affirmative rules. Lists of Regulatory Agencies in the UK, Glossary of Terms, References and Listing of Common Medications for treating Anxiety Disorders are included in the Index to this workbook.

Dr. James Manning and Dr. Nicola Ridgeway's non-fiction occupational, self-help book, CBT Worksheets: CBT Worksheets for CBT Therapists in Training, offers the CBT Therapist in Training a comprehensive collection of worksheets with guidelines for how they are used in therapy. As a layperson who's read and reviewed several of the authors' other books on CBT, which were geared towards patients, I was fascinated to see how this book encompassed those others and built upon them. While I understand that it includes some exercises best worked on under a therapist's guidance, I found a number of intriguing worksheets that seem suited for individual work, especially the Safe Place Exercise, and consider the FMDS (Future Most Developed Self Exercise) to be absolutely brilliant. I also particularly enjoyed the chapter which discusses the human brain. The authors wrote this book in such a way that it will be easily accessible to their target audience, and the glossary is a handy reference/refresher as well. CBT Worksheets: CBT Worksheets for CBT Therapists in Training is most highly recommended.

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"Apart from being a formidable tool for CBT professionals, CBT Worksheets: CBT Worksheets for CBT Therapists in Training is the perfect tool for anyone who is committed to living a healthy lifestyle. Readers will find a ton of useful information in this book, gain clarity about their emotional health, and find the tools they need to transform their lives."