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Lynette Louise
Author, Contributor
Cerebral Palsy and The WingMaker
Cerebral Palsy and The WingMaker is a story that started to form long before it was written. The author, a mother of several challenged children, explains. “I was in the grocery store with my autistic son when a man hissed at him, ‘Your mother should have had you put down the day you were born,’ then he walked away.” After she confronted the man and his wife and insisted he apologize to her seemingly oblivious son she explained that in fact her son understood everything and was the joy of her life. This left her bothered though. She realized that other moms and dads, loving and caring for their people with similar challenges, needed a way to prevent such an abuse. They needed a story that could lay around on coffee tables and office magazine racks looking so innocently like a comic book that the usually not interested read it. She needed a story that would change hearts and illuminate the truth about the apparently incapable “They are people with great gifts to share.” Then she met the young woman in this story and found her super hero.