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Chains of Time

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

Amara knows what's going to happen, but she doesn't know why. She awakes on her wedding day in 1859 in West Africa, suddenly imbued with the ability to see the future. She sees the slaver Van Owen, who will steal her power. She sees herself as a slave on his North Carolina plantation. She sees a Harlem family more than a century in the future. She knows these people, but how? And she sees Van Owen hunting them, too. But how can she stop him if no one believes her?

Kirkus Reviews

"A perceptive and gripping tale of race and family... While Woodstone profoundly addresses modern African American struggles, the tale is equally dynamic in the supernatural and historical genres.... Get it." 

Readers Favorite

★★★★★  "Chains of Time is indeed paranormal fiction, but pigeon-holing it into this single genre is a disservice to both the story and author R.B. Woodstone. The beauty of Woodstone's prose evokes the intensity and allegorical journey that is usually reserved for literary fiction. The writing is simultaneously gorgeous, terrifying, and hopeful, made much more relatable in a first-person narrative. Amara and Van Owen, both tangled in a perpetual hunt for the other, are fused together in her need to protect those she loves and his desire to retain power and control. As an antagonist Van Owen is perfect as he doggedly pursues Amara, her children, her children's children, and onward, believing the power to be his by virtue of God, and Amara and her descendants to be his property. Slaves through eternity. Whether intended or not, what strikes me the most is the bondage that parallels with actual, real-life race relations. Amara and Van Owen may be fictional, but the subjugation of race still screams in the face of civil liberties even today, making Woodstone's work more poignant than ever."